engraved plywood sandwich board

Positioning laser engraved signs can be an easy, low-cost way to drive more foot traffic into your local business. Much like the classic chalk sandwich boards you see dotting footpaths in trendy suburbs, plywood sandwich boards are guaranteed to be fresh and eye-catching, and a great way to compliment your business’ branding. 

The key difference between chalk sandwich boards and plywood ones is that your plywood boards look a lot brighter than dusty blackboards. Their natural wood texture also greatly complements businesses that emphasise their eco-consciousness or sustainable practices – or even places like cafes who use organic produce.

If you want to see just how gorgeous (and impactful) expertly laser engraved plywood sandwich boards can be, then today’s project write-up is sure to please. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at our latest plywood sandwich board project, alongside unpacking the benefits of using plywood for producing eye-catching signage and other promotional materials.

What else can laser engraved plywood be used for?

First, let’s look at the major advantages of working with plywood for laser engraving purposes. With its smooth and uniform surface, plywood sheets are an exceptional material for laser engraving. Any design or text that can be created on a graphics program can be successfully engraved onto wood – even QR codes can be engraved without an issue. So laser engraving plywood is a great way to ensure that your company’s branded materials stand out from the crowd.

The engraving process provides an attractive, high-contrast ‘burnt wood’ finish to the finished product. This high-contrast finish has proven itself to be a crowd pleaser amongst our clients here at Vector & Raster, which is why we’re seeing a growing diversity in our laser engraving plywood projects.

As plywood is made using thin sheets or slices of wood (or ‘plies’), plywood is manufactured to be a lightweight alternative to other types of solid wood materials. Because of its lightweight construction, plywood is great for applications where your finished products are likely to be moved regularly or even be portable. 

Laser engraved wood and plywood make great interior signage, displays, keepsakes, trade show signage, POS displays, ornaments and more. Sandwich boards are another great example here, but we’ve also laser engraved plywood to produce a range of other creations for both corporate customers and individuals.

Here are just some of our favourite applications for laser engraved plywood:

Plywood can also be a great lower cost alternative to working with solid timber. So for anybody looking to produce laser engraved wooden signs for their business, chat with us to see if plywood may be a suitable material for your next laser engraving project.

Our latest laser engraving plywood sandwich board project

Now, let’s finally take a closer look at our latest laser engraving plywood project! The laser engraved plywood sandwich board that’s pictured in today’s blog was produced for a tradeshow in NSW. 

Our client requested that their provided design be placed prominently on one side, along with their logo and a QR code on the opposite side. The verticality and organic elements of the pattern also pair perfectly with the shape of the sandwich board as well as its plywood construction, made right here in Melbourne.

Plywood was selected as the laser engraving material for this project because of the material’s lightweight construction, durability and affordability in comparison to heavier solid wood materials. The lighter tone of the plywood panels also greatly complimented the high-contrast burnt wood finish produced by our laser engraving machines.

As you can see, the end results truly do tick all the boxes. The plywood sandwich boards were highly portable whilst still being sturdy. The high-contrast design and varying thickness between text and graphic elements ensured that the signs consistently caught the eyes of tradeshow attendants. Our clients were also very pleased with the quality of their laser engraved designs. 

engraved plywood sandwich board

Why work with Vector & Raster Laser for engraving plywood?

With over twenty years of experience producing plywood laser engraving for a wide range of both commercial clients, artists, and general consumers, our expert laser engravers here at Vector & Raster can produce a wide range of different patterns on the surfaces of our plywood panels. So no matter what you want to put on your plywood sandwich board, we’ll be able to deliver.

Our laser engraving wood service always provides clean, sharp detail, leaving the surface of the product clean and residue free. So you can expect a crystal clear end product with every single one of the laser engraving projects you share with our team here at Vector & Raster.

Have any more questions about laser engraving plywood or custom plywood sandwich boards? Or do you want to see what our laser engraving specialists can do for you? Then be sure to contact our expert laser engraving team here at Vector & Raster or fill out our web enquiry form to receive a free, no-obligation quote on your next laser engraving project.

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