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Laser Engraving Services Australia

When it comes to quality laser engraving Vector and Raster Laser Services offers not only years of experience and knowledge, but also one of the largest engraving beds around. We can provide laser engraving for areas of up to 1245 x 710mm or in some cases even larger depending on the material or product being engraved and the placement of the artwork. Most laser beds beyond this size are only equipped for laser cutting and cannot engrave. Our lasers engravers are capable of combining processes to include both our laser cutting and laser engraving service on the one product. This is common for electrical labels, signs, invitations, fashion and leather accessories, and much more.

Quality Laser Engraving on a Wide Variety of Materials

Our custom engraving service is also known as laser etching or marking; the term used largely depends on the material being processed. We make our laser engraving service available to anyone who requires custom parts or products. Whether you are a creative individual or a large company creating a product line, we cater for all quantities.

Vector & Raster Laser Services provides high quality laser engraving on all types of materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Acrylic & plastic
  • Glass (including mirrors)
  • Leather & fabric
  • Paper & cardboard
  • Stone
  • Rubber

Whether you’re looking for laser engraving on wood, acrylic, any form of textiles, or any of the above materials, you can trust Vector & Raster Laser Services to achieve amazing results when processing an endless range of materials on our high-end German laser machines. To enquire about our services in Melbourne or Australia wide, request a quote online or call (03) 5783 4257.

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