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Leather has long been widely regarded as one of the most desirable materials, used in everything from clothing and car seats to shoes, handbags and many other items. In fact, laser engraved leather is one of the most popular materials we manage here at V&R Laser. It’s favoured for its smooth texture, durability, strength and naturalness, among many other characteristics. The timeless appeal of leather engraving has enabled it to endure changing fashion and manufacturing trends over the decades – and that’s unlikely to change in the landscape of laser engraving.

If you’re a designer or manufacturer of leather products, you might want to brand your goods with your company logo or even just add an elegant design to give the item some extra appeal. With the expertise of leather engraving services in Melbourne, you’ll be able to achieve that without damaging the quality of your product. Enquire today about how our leather engraving experts can add the final touch to your fantastic material at our laser cutting service in Melbourne facility.

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Discover what's possible with laser engraving services.

Fast becoming one of the most popular ways to provide leather goods with a stylish embossed look, laser engraved leather is subtle yet impactful. For the ultimate end product, engraved leather is widely favoured over traditional stamping processes that use high pressure and heat simply because it’s less expensive and time-consuming. You can expect a superior quality and precise finish when you choose leather engraving over stamping.

At Vector & Raster, we can apply custom laser engraved leather services to items as varied as laser bags, car seats, cut leather wallets, coasters, leather handbags, jackets and so much more. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects ranging from aeroplane seats to small wallets and more. Discover what’s possible to finalise your quality leather with your FREE no-obligation quote. Get in touch with us online or give us a call at (03) 5783 4257 to speak with our leather engraving experts today.

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When it comes to our Melbourne laser cutting service, we pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship. Our philosophy is simple, with all things laser cutting and laser engraving, we provide top quality results and customer service that simply rocks! Our Melbourne based laser cutters can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a quote over the phone?

Sorry but we cannot provide a quote over the phone, laser cutting and laser engraving prices can vary dramatically based on the design and material being processed, we require artwork to provide an accurate quote. Request a quote today for laser engraving in Melbourne.

Can you create the correct artwork for me?

Yes, if you are unable to provide the required artwork for processing your order we can create the files for you no matter what process you intend on using whether it be laser cutting or laser engraving.

What type of files do you require?

We require a vector file that has been created in a graphics program, acceptable types include eps, cdr, ai, dxf, dwg and pdf. Cut lines should consist of a red outline with no fill using a .001mm stroke width, areas to be engraved should be in black fill. Only photographs will be accepted as a high resolution jpeg or bitmap.

Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, if you prefer to supply your own materials we are happy to process them for you providing that they are suited to the laser process. Whether it is paper, labels, signs or name badges – a test sample is recommended for perfect results when processing your order.

Can you laser engrave leather?

Yes, you can laser engrave leather. Laser engraving is a great way to create detailed and permanent designs on leather. A versatile method that can be used to create intricate patterns and designs, along with logos and text on leather. Our specialised laser cutting machine and processes can achieve this.

Laser engraved leather has increasingly become popular for a variety of leather goods and accessories, such as wallets, bags, and belts. If you wish to learn more about leather engraving services, then request a quote from Vector & Raster Laser Services today!

Does engraving affect the strength of leather?

Engraving does not affect the strength or weaken the properties of leather. Laser engraving is a non-contact process due to the effect of the laser beam to create a design on the leather. Our laser cutting approach only burns away the top layer of the leather, it does not cut into the leather. Therefore, it does not affect the strength of the leather material.

What type of leather is best for laser engraving?

Full-grain leather is known to be the most adaptable leather to use for leather engraving. It is of the finest quality and has the most natural grain and texture. It is also the most durable and can withstand the process without damaging the material.

Furthermore, it is imperative to know that laser-engraved leather is not suitable for some types of faux leather. For more information about our laser engraved services, please email us at today.

How thick does leather have to be for laser engraving?

The required thickness of leather depends on the design and equipment utilised for laser engraved leather. A majority of laser engraving equipment can work with leather that is approximately 0.5mm or thicker. Based on the intricacy or in-depth detail of the design, a thicker type of leather will be most beneficial. Request a quote today to know more about our leather engraving services and to answer any queries you may have. 

How to clean laser engraved leather?

Once your leather has been laser engraved, it shouldn’t require much cleaning, if any. However, to clean laser engraved leather in the best way possible, use a soft cloth with a mild leather cleaner. It is also best to use a gentle cleanser specifically designed for the specific leather. You want to avoid using abrasive chemicals that could damage the leather or its properties. Another important note is to avoid using water or moisture on the leather design as it could have adverse effects on the leather. To answer any queries you have about cleaning leather that has recently been engraved, then email today for more information.

Should you wet leather before engraving?

We recommend that you don’t wet leather during the leather engraving process. Moisture such as water added to the leather can distort the material and more importantly, impact the laser engraved leather design. For a crisp and clear design, it would be better to have the leather engraving process in a controlled, low-humidity setting.

What is the difference between embossing leather and laser engraving leather?

The difference between embossing leather and laser engraving leather is the approach to creating the design. Embossing utilises a physical stamp that is pressed into the leather to create the design. This is known to be a less precise approach and can potentially damage the leather.

Laser engraving leather utilises a laser beam to create the desired design. This approach is known to be more accurate, less time-consuming and does not cause any damage to the leather. Request a quote today for our leather engraving services today!

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