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Embroidery Appliqué Cutting

Our laser cut appliqué service has been widely used by some of Australia’s largest embroiderers for many years now on a regular basis, we cater for all quantities ranging from sample garments to large production runs. A selection of the most popular fabrics that have been used for embroidery applique over the years include cotton drill, polyester felt, fused satin, acrylic moss stitch, denim, fleece fabric and many other bright and amazingly textured fabrics.

Embroidery appliqué is defined by a design that is digitised so that it incorporates a laser cut piece of fabric known as appliqué and is then combined with embroidery to achieve an eye catching design that really “pops”. It is commonly used on garments such as sports wear, kids clothing, university hoodies, fashion garments and even caps and other head wear.

In addition to laser cut fabric laser etching onto materials such as denim, fleece and leather have also proved to be a popular way of adding interest and distinction to products such as pockets, belts, bags, shoes, wallets and many other textiles.

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