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At Vector & Raster, we offer all clients a comprehensive range of quality products and Melbourne laser cutter services. You can receive high-quality laser etching and laser engraving on an endless range of materials and products. Whether we’re laser cutting signs for businesses or fabrics for fashion designers, we’ll ensure we get the job done right. Take a look at our laser engraving and laser cutting services below.

Can I have a quote over the phone?

Sorry but we cannot provide a quote over the phone, laser cutting and laser engraving prices can vary dramatically based on the design and material being processed, we require artwork to provide an accurate quote.

What are your business hours?

At Vector & Raster Laser Services we are open from Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, at Vector & Raster Laser Services we pride ourselves on
 quality and excellence that is why we offer our clients a 100% quality guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will offer you a full refund.

Can you create the correct artwork for me?

Yes, if you are unable to provide the required artwork for processing your order we can create the files for you no matter what process you intend on using whether it be laser cutting or laser engraving.

What type of files do you require?

We require a vector file which has been created in a graphics program, acceptable types include eps, cdr, ai, dxf, dwg and pdf. Cut lines should consist of a red outline with no fill using a .001mm stroke width, areas to be engraved should be in black fill. Only photographs will be accepted as a high resolution jpeg or bitmap.

How do I save a vector file from my Embroidery software?

If you would like to laser cut fabric for embroidery applique and already have the file digitised in your embroidery software such as Wilcom© then all you need to do is export your running stitch as an EPS file.

Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, if you prefer to supply your own materials we are happy to process them for you providing that they are suited to the laser process, a test sample is recommended for perfect results when processing your order.

What materials can you laser cut and laser engrave?

We can laser cut and laser engrave a vast
 range of materials, you can go to our laser cutting + engraving page for a list of materials that we can succesfully process or if still unsure simply contact us for assistance.

Do you charge for samples?

If you require a basic test to see how well a material laser cuts or laser engraves we can provide this free of charge, however if you wish to trial particular designs or a large amount of materials there may be a charge.

Can you do laser cutting on delicate fabric?

Yes we regularly laser cut fabrics that are delicate which include chiffon, organza, lace, taffeta, crepe and more. These fabrics are commonly used in fashion for garments such as wedding dresses and evening wear.

Can you laser engrave on gold jewellery?

We cannot laser engrave on gold jewellery 
these items are best engraved by other forms of engraving. We recommend that you take 
these items to a certified jeweller to be hand engraved.

Can you laser engrave on paper?

Yes laser etched paper has become very popular over recent years and is commonly combined with laser cutting to create unique products such as invitations, greeting cards, swing tags, business cards and more.

Do you only service the Melbourne area?

Even though we have a large client base both in Melbourne and around Victoria we also service many interstate clients throughout Australia, so no matter where you are located you can always rely on us.

Does laser cutting leave burnt edges?

Laser cutting does not leave burnt edges not even on materials such as paper and fabric. When the process is setup correctly and certain factors are taken into account you will achieve a smooth and clean cut edg

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