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Laser Cutting Acrylic is On the Menu!

Posted on March, 2019

From laser cutting acrylic to laser cutting wood, there’s going to be a laser cutting service to suit any palate, and our blogs hopefully leave you hungry for more. While the food puns may be getting a little flavourless at this point, they definitely suit the topic for today.

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Laser engraving wood

Laser Engraving Wood – Automation and Rustic Charm

Posted on February, 2019

Why is it that we love laser engraving wood so much? Despite so many materials being used for promotion and advertising, engraved wood is something that we always come back to. Wood has character and provides an almost rustic charm to any piece that is appealing in practically any context.

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Laser Cutting Paper

Laser Cut Paper – Adding Depth to Your Designs

Posted on January, 2019

From model-making to wedding invitations, laser cut paper is a wonderfully versatile process. With that said, it’s also one that comes with a wide variety of challenges. After all, paper is hardly known for its durability, especially when it comes to a process that could potentially burn or singe if done incorrectly.

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Laser Cut Fashion – Vision Through Versatility

Posted on December, 2018

Given that laser cutting has built up a reputation for detail and efficiency, the idea of laser cut fashion isn’t likely to be a shocking one. However, while it’s clearly a match made in heaven, the blend of laser cutting and fashion design comes with more perks and possibilities than you may initially guess.

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Laser Cut Invitations – Decking the Halls With Detailed Designs

Posted on November, 2018

The weeks leading up to Christmas are different for different people. For some, the holiday season seems to come out of nowhere. From the Christmas decorations that seem to appear the moment that Halloween is packed away, to the familiar wafting tones of 100-year-old songs of merriment. The lead up to Christmas always sneaks up sooner than they expect.

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Laser Cut Acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic – A Spooky Spotlight on Custom Cut Creations

Posted on October, 2018

October is a weird and wonderful time of year. It’s the one month where children and adults alike embrace their inner ghouls in the spirit of Halloween. This makes it a perfect chance for businesses and individuals alike to show off their creativity.

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Laser Engraving Wood – Etching Into Melbourne’s Coffee Culture

Posted on September, 2018

As a city, Melbourne is known for a lot of things. From its thriving artistic communities to its dedication to the craft of coffee. As we know, one thing that Melbournians crave above anything else is authenticity. This love and appreciation for the artisanally stylish has created a massive demand for laser engraving wood. This is the case in a wide array of industries, especially those looking to create a welcoming environment for customers.

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The Benefits and Uses of Traffolyte Labels

Posted on August, 2018

While it may not necessarily be a set of words that most people are familiar with, traffolyte is widely seen across a variety of industries and practical uses. Due to the nature of traffolyte as a multi-layered, easily-engraved laminate, as well as its excellent insulating properties, traffolyte is well-regarded in the electrical engineering industry for usage in signs, tags, labels, and more.

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intercooler stencil

Laser Cut Stencils: A Clear-Cut Outline of Custom Stencils

Posted on July, 2018

Contact Vector and Raster today for Laser cut stencils that offer clean lines, easy replication, and an unmatched level of detail. We work across all materials and offer a flexible service to assist you in your project. For more information, read through this articles or contact us today.

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laser cut acrylic

Laser Cutting Acrylic – Using Lasers For Perfect Polymers

Posted on June, 2018

Laser cutting acrylic combines unparalleled accuracy with the inherent benefits of acrylic. Acrylic is an incredibly versatile material with many applications from cars to toys. Read this blog to learn more! Acrylic is a mainstay in the manufacturing world for a reason. With myriad benefits and applications ranging from signage to toys, and even in the construction of vehicles, it’s easy to see why acrylic has been a staple material for almost a century.

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