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Whether it’s for the production of furniture, point of sale displays, signage, or even decorative ornaments, you’ll find that our wood laser cutting service in Melbourne can often produce stunning results, providing a lovely ‘burnt’ tone on tone finish. The effect achieved can be customised depending on the wood being used, as well as its grain and density, resulting in laser cut wood that looks appealing and possesses a natural beauty.

Vector & Raster Laser Services provides superior quality wood laser cutting services in Melbourne for a wide range of purposes and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simple one-off laser cut wood job for a DIY project or you need mass quantities of laser cut plywood for your business, discover just how we can help you.

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A Versatile Material Used in a Variety of Products and Applications

Laser cut wood is used for an extensive variety of products. Among them are ornaments, jewellery, custom signs and displays, promotional products, and more – the list goes on. Vector & Raster Laser Services also offers laser cut veneer which can be precision-shaped into extremely fine detailed designs for inlays of furniture, instruments, and much more.

If you would like more information on our laser wood cutting services, or if you wish to request a free no-obligation quote on laser cut veneer or plywood, get in touch with Vector & Raster Laser Services today. Call us on (03) 5783 4257, or alternatively, you can request a quote online.

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When it comes to our Melbourne laser cutting service, we pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship. Our philosophy is simple, with all things laser cutting and laser engraving, we provide top quality results and customer service that simply rocks! Our Melbourne based laser cutters can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can wood be cut with a laser?

Yes, wood can be cut professionally with laser machinery. Wood is often thought to be cut with many different tools such as saws, sharp cutting knives and routers. This works well for construction projects or cutting basic pieces of wood, where precise detail is not the main driving factor. However, the beauty of cutting with a laser is that it is faster and more precise. For beautiful edges and personalised engravings, using a laser on wood is the best option. This often requires the work of a professional and specialised equipment. This is all worth it though. The end result means that you will receive a bespoke piece of woodwork that is perfect for ornaments, jewellery, custom signs, toys, model making, etc.

What are the benefits of cutting wood with a laser?

Cutting wood with a laser ensures that intricate details can be met with absolute precision. Some of the greatest benefits of laser cut wood include:

Simplicity: Rather than using multiple tools to achieve varying cuts, specialist laser cutting machinery can cut wood into varying shapes and sizes. This simplifies the cutting process, saves you time and also enables batch processing.

Speed: Imagine the long process of carving out pieces of wood by hand. Although an approach often adopted for small homewares is to engrave by hand, a laser cutter will complete the same job, but in a much quicker time frame. Laser cut wood also delivers superiority when cutting difficult shapes and crevices; which is much more difficult to do with hand carving.

Affordability: Due to the speed and efficiency of laser cutting machines, laser cutting and engraving is much more affordable than a traditional wood cutting service

High quality: What you design is what you will receive. Laser cutting is more accurate than any other tool available. So, you won’t need to worry about your final product looking different to what you expected!

Adaptability: One of the greatest benefits of laser cutting wood is that it can be used on almost all types of wood with quality assured. Additionally, laser cutting services will also offer the same quality on other materials such as laser cut paper, leather, acrylics, plastic and even fabrics.

How accurate is wood laser cutting?

There is arguably no other tool more accurate than a laser when it comes to cutting wood. In fact, when operated by a specialist provider, lasers will cut to your exact requirements and with a maximum of just a fraction of a difference. To the naked eye, the difference from what you design to the final outcome is completely unnoticeable; allowing you to create beautiful designs exactly as you wanted them. 

This also includes laser cutting much smaller pieces of wood which is not always possible with other tools. For the eco-conscious business out there, we often find that this delivers huge benefits to ensure less wastage.

What type of wood is best for laser cutting?

Laser cutting machines can accurately cut almost any kind of wood to your exact specifications. At the same time, it is true that there are types of wood that cut better than others. Some of the best types of wood to laser cut include

When choosing the type of wood that you wish to laser cut there are many important factors to consider. Some factors include, how strong the cut parts need to be, if weight may be an issue on the finished product, or simply the desired appearance of the laser cut wood parts.

We recommend providing as much info as possible for your application, so that we can suggest a type of wood to suit your needs and budget. Finding the right wood for your project can be difficult to understand, but rest assured our laser cutting specialists can help you find the perfect match for your project.

How long does it take to laser cut wood?

This depends on the size of the job, but often we are able to cut the wood within 24 hours for rush orders or approximately 3 – 5 business days for most standard orders. This is only a rough estimate and is highly variable depending on the number of backlog orders, material type, and intricacy of design.

How to engrave wood?

For smaller or single items, you might be tempted to hand engrave wood using a chisel to mark straight lines and a wood gouge for any curvature. For darker lines, DIY wood laser engravers have often also used a wood burning pen to achieve their desired results. For the hobbyist, there is no problem using this method. However, for commercial wood laser engraving projects, we would recommend using a professional laser engraving service to ensure high quality, consistent results.

We would highly recommend high quality, professional wood laser engraving machines that ensure ultimate precision and minimal wastage. By pre-approving what your final product will look like, you can commit with absolute certainty that the outcome will be precisely to the measurements and style of the design. After all, once you make a mistake with laser wood engraving, there is no turning back.

To find out more about our wood laser engraving services and get your free quote, head on over to our quote page to discuss how V&R Laser ensures complete precision alongside the capabilities to deliver laser engraved wood en mass with our cutting edge technology.

Can I have a quote over the phone?

Sorry but we cannot provide a quote over the phone, laser cutting and laser engraving prices can vary dramatically based on the design and material being processed, we require artwork to provide an accurate quote.

Can you create the correct artwork for me?

Yes, if you are unable to provide the required artwork for processing your order we can create the files for you no matter what process you intend on using whether it be laser cutting or laser engraving.

What type of files do you require?

We require a vector file which has been created in a graphics program, acceptable types include eps, cdr, ai, dxf, dwg and pdf. Cut lines should consist of a red outline with no fill using a .001mm stroke width, areas to be engraved should be in black fill. Only photographs will be accepted as a high resolution jpeg or bitmap.

Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, if you prefer to supply your own materials we are happy to process them for you providing that they are suited to the laser process, a test sample is recommended for perfect results when processing your order.

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