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From greeting cards and wedding invitations to cardboard presentation boxes and corporate stationery, laser cut paper products exude style and sophistication regardless of their purpose. Vector & Raster Laser Services specialises in laser paper cutter services for all kinds of businesses and organisations, no matter what their laser cutting needs are.

We laser cut paper and card stock on a regular basis for a variety of craft applications including invitations, gifts, boxes and greeting cards, consistently producing intricate and stunning results.  Invitations can also be created from wood and acrylic and the laser engraving process can also be applied to create unique-looking invites that contain a real wow factor. This can include:

  • Patterns
  • Layered designs
  • Geometric designs
  • Modernly crafted
  • Decorations
  • elle-magazine-paper-cutting
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  • Intricate-Paper-Cutting-7911
  • Laser-Cut-Programme-5580
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  • Laser-Cut-Greeting-Card-8322
  • Intricate-Mat-Board-Cutting-7984
  • Laser-Cut-Business-Cards-2093
  • 2mm-Laser-Cut-Cardboard-1583

Finest Quality Laser Cut Paper

When producing laser cut wedding invitations, greeting cards, gifts, laser cut cardboard and other paper products on our machines, we use a fine lens that allows for sharp detail even in the most intricate designs while giving a clean cut without burning the edges. Other products that are regularly created with laser cut paper and card stock are business cards, programmes, product packaging, swing tags and lots more. Our services for laser cutting in Melbourne can also apply laser etching to these products, a process that is also regularly combined with colour printing.

Vector & Raster Laser Services proudly offers expert laser cut paper services in Melbourne and across the country. No laser paper cutting job is too big or too small, so whether you’re looking for 50 laser cut invitations or 5000 laser cut cards, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Be sure to arrange your FREE quote online, or give us a call today at (03) 5783 4257 to learn more about our laser paper cutter and laser fabric cutter services.

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When it comes to our Melbourne laser cutting service, we pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship. Our philosophy is simple, with all things laser cutting and laser engraving, we provide top quality results and customer service that simply rocks! Our Melbourne based laser cutters can be used for a wide range of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you laser cut paper?

Yes, paper is one of the best materials a laser can cut. Paper is vaporised very quickly, which makes it quick to cut, although complex designs and intricate detail can drastically increase cutting times. Cutting by using a laser is extremely precise, so laser cut paper is a great method for complex geometrical designs.

Laser cut paper for your invitation and greeting cards creates an unforgettable design that exudes elegance. It is perfect for any personal craft application, but it is also common for business and commercial use. Paper can be laser cut for business cards, packaging, swing tags, programmes and more. If you have an idea in mind, book an appointment to see how we can help bring your paper cut ideas to life.

What kind of paper can be laser cut?

There are a large variety of paper types to choose from. Paper is very responsive to lasers and can boost your design to unimaginable heights. Two popular types of laser cut paper that we commonly cut are:

  • 450gsm paper card: With a thickness of 0.6mm, this durable paper is great for visual merchandising, craft applications and more. Our card stock comes in black and white, but we do have other colours and paper thicknesses upon request.
  • Boxboard: Our boxboard has various thicknesses to suit your requirements. It is also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Boxboard is best for craft applications, prototypes and models, sale displays, and more. 

We also allow you to supply your own paper materials, provided they can be used with a laser operated machine.

Can a laser cut paper without burning?

Edge burns can occur when paper is cut without a professional. This is because there are set conditions to ensure the process works smoothly. First, the machine must be set up for the paper. This includes:

  • First and foremost, using high quality machinery and software to achieve the best results, especially when it comes to sensitive materials such as paper. 
  • Correctly setting up the machine power and other important parameters to suit individual jobs and types of paper.
  • Making sure the cutting speed is correct for the stock and individual design so that the heat of the laser does not dwell in one area for too long.

The next step is to always check that the design and file setup is suitable for our cutting service. Some designs may not be structurally sound or can cause other issues, which is why it is important to discuss this with a professional. Our experts can provide some recommendations on how to improve the design and are also skilled with file setup.

Burn marks may also occur because the type of paper is not suitable for a laser or it has some kind of coating or treatment, in which case we do our best to minimise the burning. All the materials we supply have been tried and tested with lasers. However, if you prefer to supply your own paper, a test sample is recommended to ensure that it is compatible.

What is the advantage of cutting paper with a laser?

There are many advantages when deciding to go with paper laser cut. The biggest advantages to include:

  • Precision: Our lasers can craft minute details without being subject to human error. By avoiding the risk of human interference, every product will perfectly match the design you want. 
  • Speed: Paper is vapourised almost instantly, so the process is very fast. This is useful when producing in bulk and is generally much more affordable because of its efficiency. Hiring a traditional paper-cutting expert to hand-cut paper with a knife is much more time-consuming and expensive.
  • Non-Contact: Paper is easily crumpled when force is added to it. However, the machine requires no force on the paper, reducing the risk of wearing the paper with mechanical pressure. This leaves the paper pristine and smooth.
  • Flexibility: Cutting paper only requires one primary tool. A laser-operated machine. Rather than having to stop and switch different carving tools, knives and other equipment, the machine can do it all.

Can you laser engrave paper?

Yes you can, although in this case we lightly etch into the surface of the stock. Engraving is useful for craft applications, including invitations, labels, cards, corporate stationery and more. It brings out the wow factor to any paper craft. You can engrave all types of marks, symbols or text on the paper. Engraving creates crisp and clean edges. It can be combined with our laser method for more intricate and custom products. At V&R Laser, we provide engraving services with lasers for personal use or for businesses. Enquire about laser-cut paper today for a free quote.

What kind of laser can cut paper?

Our highly advanced European lasers are well prepared for paper cutting. We only use the most cutting-edge laser machines, particularly Trotec lasers. Our machines are able to reproduce detailed patterns and designs on both thin and thicker paper. We use a fine lens for intricate and modern details. Our software also ensures that we have total control over the whole process. We make sure that the machine is completely set up for paper to prevent burning and smoke stains. 

Can I have a quote over the phone?

Sorry but we cannot provide a quote over the phone, cutting and engraving prices can vary dramatically based on the design and material being processed, we require artwork to provide an accurate quote.

Can you create the correct artwork for me?

Yes, if you are unable to provide the required artwork for processing your order we can create the files for you no matter what process you intend on using whether it be cutting or engraving.

What type of files do you require?

We require a vector file which has been created in a graphics program, acceptable types include eps, cdr, ai, dxf, dwg and pdf. Cut lines should consist of a red outline with no fill using a .001mm stroke width, areas to be engraved should be in black fill. Only photographs will be accepted as a high resolution jpeg or bitmap.

Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, if you prefer to supply your own materials we are happy to process them for you providing that they are suited to the laser process, a test sample is recommended for perfect results when processing your order.

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