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intercooler stencil

Laser Cut Stencils: A Clear-Cut Outline of Custom Stencils

Posted on July, 2018

Contact Vector and Raster today for Laser cut stencils that offer clean lines, easy replication, and an unmatched level of detail. We work across all materials and offer a flexible service to assist you in your project. For more information, read through this articles or contact us today.

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laser cut acrylic herradura

Laser Cutting Acrylic – Using Lasers For Perfect Polymers

Posted on June, 2018

Laser cutting acrylic combines unparalleled accuracy with the inherent benefits of acrylic. Acrylic is an incredibly versatile material with many applications from cars to toys. Read this blog to learn more! Acrylic is a mainstay in the manufacturing world for a reason. With myriad benefits and applications ranging from signage to toys, and even in the construction of vehicles, it’s easy to see why acrylic has been a staple material for almost a century.

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laser cut paper leaves coloured

Laser Cutting Paper With Vector and Raster

Posted on May, 2018

Laser cutting paper is a fantastic way of realising delicate and intricate designs. With these types of creations, it is imperative that the work completed matches the design. This can only be done with experienced laser cutters using market-leading equipment.

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laser cut wooden easter bunny

Easter Engraving – A Spotlight on Laser Cut Wood

Posted on April, 2018

Laser cut wood products are associated with quality, accuracy and design flexibility. Here and Vector and Raster, we are proud to showcase our work and have done so in the spirit of Easter. Our Easter Bunny is made from Walnut veneer and resulted in a charming end product fit for any household.

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Vector & Raster Laser Services Pty Ltd Logo

The Quality Question – Why Come to Us For Laser Cutting in Melbourne?

Posted on March, 2018

In this blog, we highlight a number of jobs that we have completed for our Melbourne based clientele. We have been recognised for the quality of our laser cutting services and customer service by businesses of all sizes, some of which are mentioned in this blog. If you would like further information about our services or how we manage our clients, please give us a call or email.

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Engraved Leather Material

Saving Your Hide – A Guide to Laser Leather Engraving

Posted on February, 2018

Adding a unique touch to everything from wallets to automobile interiors, laser leather engraving has seen an enormous increase in popularity over the last few years. Read on to find out why this method has become the go-to choice for manufacturers and fashion designers alike.

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wedding invite laser cutting

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations With All the Trimmings

Posted on January, 2018

Invitations set peoples' expectations for the event they are attending. It is the best opportunity to create a lasting first impression and set the tone for the event you are organising. Laser cut invitations afford much more detail and flexibility in the design, allowing you to design invitations that are as thoughful as your event.

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laser cut acrylic earring

A Cut Above – The Benefits of Using Laser Cut Plastic

Posted on December, 2017

Quickly becoming one of the most widely used cutting methods in the manufacturing industry, laser cutting plastics offers a level of specificity, consistency, and detail that isn't possible through more traditional means. To learn more about how Vector and Raster can assist you with your next plastic cutting project, read on.

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Laser cut wedding dress

Laser Cut Fashion – Where Technology Meets Style

Posted on November, 2017

Have you ever looked at an article of clothing and had the thought; “how could anyone have possibly created that pattern by hand?" Well, a lot of the time, they didn’t. While the idea of laser cut fashion was once reserved for the highest tier of designers, the exponential growth of consumer interest has led to it becoming more common and readily available for manufacturers.

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laser marked metal

Laser Engraving and Marking Services Courtesy of VR Laser

Posted on October, 2017

Permanent metal marking made easy ~ Family owned and operated, Vector & Raster Laser Services is a Melbourne based company...

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