Laser Cut Cardstock Paper For Lunar New Year Display

Of all the laser cutting materials that we work with here at Vector & Raster, paper and even laser cut cardstock take our clients by surprise time and time again. The idea that a material as delicate as paper can not only stand up to laser cutting technology, but can also produce clean edges and impressively intricate designs is all enough to make you want to prepare a laser cutting paper project for yourself.

Thankfully, laser cutting Cardstock paper is actually one of the favourite pastimes of our laser cutting team here at Vector & Raster. There’s something undeniably satisfying about taking a thin, two-dimensional piece of Cardstock paper and turning it into a mesmerising artistic creation. Laser cutting paper basically turns a 2D plane into a three-dimensional piece of work. And today’s project is a testament to that transformational journey.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look into one of our most impressive laser cut Cardstock projects to date: a coiling and curving window display to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, 2024.

How to laser cut Cardstock paper

Before we explore our latest laser cutting Cardstock project, you probably have a few questions about the process of laser cutting paper. It’s actually a lot easier than you may think! 

For starters, there is little to no risk of fire or burning material when laser cutting Cardstock – so long as you know how to calibrate your laser cutting machine for paper materials. You can laser cut cardboard and matte or glossy Cardstock paper products on a precisely dialled in, lower power setting or lower power Trotec laser machines. This can make laser cutting paper far more affordable and energy efficient than other laser cutting processes.

Once your Trotec laser cutting machine has been calibrated to your material and its dimensions (paper is typically measured by its gsm, or grams per square metre), all you need to do is program in your cutting pattern and then just watch the magic happen!

Laser cutting paper is a highly precise and non-contact process, which means that your cutting machine doesn’t actually have to put any kind of pressure on the material during the cutting process. This ensures that your laser cut creations will produce pristine, picture-perfect results every single time.

What is laser cut Cardstock used for?

Now that you know just how easy it is to laser cut paper materials, let’s now turn our attention to outlining how versatile laser cut Cardstock can be. Alongside being a low-cost material, Cardstock also boasts a premium matte or glossy finish, which makes it perfect for any and all creative applications. 

This is what makes Cardstock paper a great, low-cost and sustainable material for producing eye-catching window displays. And when you prepare laser cut paper in a range of bright, striking colours, you can produce even more vibrant and multi-layered paper window displays and POS displays for special events and occasions. 

Alongside this, however, Cardstock paper can also be used for these other applications:

  • For laser cutting invitations and cards
  • Paper gift boxes and wedding favours
  • Custom paper packaging and swing tags
  • Custom bookmarks 
  • Custom paper programmes
  • Laser cut business cards
  • Intricate paper art

laser cut cardstock lunar new year window display

Our latest laser cut paper project

As we mentioned, we were approached by Harrolds to laser cut a window display for their Chinese New Year promotions. These window displays would be installed in their Melbourne CBD and Sydney flagship store. 

As Harrolds is one of Australia’s most reputable luxury retailers, we thought it best to go with a 350gsm bright red Cardstock material to produce a highly vibrant, eye-catching, and just downright luxurious display. And as red is the luckiest colour in Chinese culture, being known as a symbol of joy, celebration, vitality, success, and good fortune, it only seemed fitting that the Year of the Dragon was heralded in with a fiery red paper display.

This intricate dragon was truly a project that demanded focus and precision from our laser cutting team, but the results do speak for themselves. After almost 100,000 perforations and the manual handling and cutting of dozens of large sheets of red paper stock, this red dragon with paper scales floated to vibrant life. We love this cut paper creation so much that we couldn’t even just choose one photo for today’s blog!

Our clients at Harrolds couldn’t have been more thrilled with the final results of this laser cut Cardstock project. The play of light and shadow created by the cut paper produces a striking effect on the overall window display. We’re proud to say that our fiery red paper dragons have drawn many an eye since they’ve been installed in Harrolds’ window displays. If you’re in and around the Harrolds stores in the Melbourne CBD or Westfield Sydney located underneath the Sydney Tower, then be sure to check out this gorgeous laser cut Cardstock window display for yourself!

Why work with Vector & Raster for your next laser cutting Cardstock project?

With over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of laser cutting materials (including 350-450gsm cardstock, corrugated cardboard, and even recycled boxboard), our laser cutting specialists here at Vector & Raster are masters of all things laser cut paper. We possess all the right tools, equipment, and experiential knowledge to ensure that your laser cut Cardstock paper project delivers the best possible results every single time.

Whether you’re looking to produce laser cut paper materials for your wedding favours and invitations or even to be used as stencils or concept guides for laser cut textiles projects, you’ll be able to produce the cut materials you need with our Vector & Raster team.

Want to see what our laser cutting specialists can do for you? Then get in touch with our expert team by filling out our online web enquiry form today. Or if you have a brief or design scheme in mind already, then get a free quote on our cutting services now to get the ball rolling on your next laser cut Cardstock project.

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