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In most senses of the word, branding is a sort of artform. Through the tone of language used, the designs with which the brand becomes associated, and the work done to solidify that brand in the eyes of potential customers, the disparate parts of that process come together to create a whole larger than the sum of its parts. Because of this, it’s important that any additions to that branding are executed perfectly.

That little introduction may seem like it has been pulled straight from a digital marketing blog, but the point I’m trying to emphasise is that quality is key when it comes time to show your brand to the world. This is, in part, why laser sign engraving has become such a booming industry in and of itself over the past few decades. Brands want to stand out and show off what they can do in a way that represents who they are and what they offer, which is where Vector & Raster comes in.

As one of Australia’s leading laser engraved sign providers, as well as specialists in the world of laser cutting as a whole, we at Vector & Raster have a wealth of experience providing thousands of businesses with signage in all shapes and sizes. So, if you’re thinking it might be time to spice up the visuals of your business, then we have the blog for you!

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the sights and sounds (but mostly sights) of laser sign engraving!

What is Laser Engraving?

It’s highly unlikely that anyone at this point has gone through life without experiencing some form of engraving. Whether it’s the finer details on metal fixtures or a message on the inside of a ring, engraving is truly everywhere. Laser engraving, however, is quite different to other, more traditional engraving methods, and in turn, offers its own set of benefits.

Laser engraving involves vaporising the first few layers of a given material, thereby creating precise, permanent etchings that are highly visible. You can think of the laser as a more technologically advanced form of the traditional chisel. However, unlike chiselling which needs to be done entirely by hand, laser engraving is machine-assisted, making it a far more precise method that does away with most of the human error that can come with other engraving processes.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Sign Engraving?

Aside from the drastic decrease in human error, lasers also allow for significantly more detailed designs than would be feasible with other methods. Lasers offer precision, even across thousands of identical designs, which is why they got their start primarily in the world of manufacturing. So, if you have a laser sign engraving job that requires 1500 signs which are all exactly the same, laser engraving is practically your only viable option. Quick, efficient, high-quality; what more could you ask for from an engraving process?

Laser engraving can also be completed across a wide array of materials, ranging from softwoods to steel, and is, therefore, an incredibly versatile tool in your design arsenal. Regardless of what your needs may be, a professionally experienced laser engraving specialist like Vector & Raster is sure to have a solution to suit your needs.

A Sign For the Times

So, after all this hyping up of laser sign engraving, it might be nice if we actually showcased a finished product. After all, it’s a visual medium, and as much as I can gush about how incredible all of this is, the work really speaks for itself.

laser engraving

As the sign says, this is a project that is sure to leave a lasting impression. For this particular job, our client contracted us to laser engrave a large 1m x 0.5m – 50mm thick slab of western red cedar for a sign. The client, a supplier of cladding, decking, flooring and more, obviously needed a sign that would showcase what they do. So, given their field and industry, a wood grain finish was an obvious choice.

Many people love the look of laser engraved wood and its many possibilities, but often overlook other key facts like it being natural, renewable, and created using sustainable materials. Whilst this particular sign was made from red cedar, there are essentially no limits to the number of laser engraving woods that can be used to craft your masterwork. Some may be more suited than others, but everything from bamboo to birch can be used with the laser sign engraving process.

Additionally, there are also essentially no limits to what can be created using this method. In a previous blog, we wrote about laser cutting wood and its use in adorable Easter decorations, which is really just the tip of the iceberg.


So, have you taken this article as a sign and want to start your next project? Contact Vector & Raster today to learn more about all of the possibilities in store. With over two decades of experience providing laser sign engraving, laser cut wood, and many more services to businesses across the globe, we’re sure to be able to help.

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