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Laser cutting services have made the world a better place in many ways that are difficult to adequately credit. From manufacturing to design and fashion, laser cutting has made its presence known in one way or another across practically every broad production industry in the world.

Whilst we may be slightly biased, given that we have spent the past 20+ years working with businesses to provide professional laser cutting services, but we at Vector & Raster truly believe that laser cutting has done a lot of fantastic things to improve products, production and the world at large. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at a handful of ways that laser cutting has made the world better.

Speed and Efficiency in Production

If you’ve heard someone discussing the benefits of laser cutting, one thing that is sure to come up is its speed. Unlike other methods of cutting and etching, lasers are machine-assisted, allowing for the same cuts to be done again and again across practically limitless designs. So, if you’re in need of 1000 identical pieces on a relatively tight deadline, there’s practically nothing that compares to the speed and efficiency offered by laser cutting services.

The Ability to Bring Visions to Life

For designers and artists, especially those within the worlds of visual art and fashion, you are somewhat limited by the materials and elements that you can realistically acquire. Because of this, many high-level designers will require the assistance and support of people in myriad industries to get the pieces they need just right when the required item isn’t readily available in a usable form. As you can imagine, thanks to laser cutting’s ability to create quick-turnaround products with hyper-detailed cutting and etching, it has steadily become an essential part of the design landscape.

You no longer need different specialists trying to create approximations of your vision across different materials. With laser cutting services like Vector & Raster, all you need to do is design your vision and we’ll help you through the process from there, whether you need laser cut cardboard or laser engraved steel. No more guesswork, no more settling for less; the growth of laser cutting has opened up entirely new worlds in design and art.

Laser Cutting Has Made Creation More Accessible Financially

Not too long ago, in the time before laser cutting became a widely accessible form of production, most cutting was done manually using other methods. This, as is to be expected, took more time and cost significantly more than modern laser cutting. It required a specialist to take time, slowly but surely crafting a piece that may never be perfectly replicated. Because of this, bulk production was hard, and detailing in the way we now know through laser cutting was practically impossible.

This meant that even those who could afford proper detailing weren’t often getting the consistency or scale that is now readily available thanks to the growing popularity of laser cutting services. Entirely manual etching and cutting are inevitably going to have to contend with human error, whilst laser cutting can provide consistently excellent results all whilst taking less time in manhours, and in turn, drastically reducing the price.

Being in the world of laser cutting for as long as we have, we’ve gotten to work with thousands of businesses across Australia and beyond. Because of this, we’ve had the chance to experience first-hand the number of different uses, utilities and industries laser cutting has in the wider business, artistic and industrial landscape. To learn more about laser cutting services and what we can do for your next project, explore our laser cutting blog. Each month, we post breakdowns of material uses, design choices, and some of our personal favourite projects for you to explore. Stay up to date with our work, and contact us today if you’re ready to start your laser cutting journey!

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