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Sometimes, there are things in this world that are so prolific and ever-present that you just come to accept them as a staple of everyday life. You see them on your street, you see them on the ride to work, you see them while you’re out getting lunch, you even see them in the windows of stores and businesses you pass, yet this ubiquity only further cements them as an innocuous essential.

Stainless steel laser cut signs, and metal signs in general, are maybe the perfect example of this in action. Despite being an absolute essential of the modern world with uses in everything from industry to infrastructure to amusement parks to practically everywhere else you can think of, have you ever really sat down to think about their role in the world? Well, as a professional laser cutting service with approximately two decades of experience creating thousands of stainless steel laser-cut signs, we at Vector & Raster certainly have.

So, whether you’re interested in getting some stainless steel laser-cut signs made for your business/project, or are simply interested in this oft-neglected necessity of the modern world, let’s take a look at the creation and uses of stainless steel cut and engraved signs.

The Art of Sign Design

If you’ve ever driven, been on a worksite, or even just walked down the street, you’ve likely noticed one consistent thing across the signage you see:

They are, well… Consistent.

That is to say that they all look essentially the same. You can picture a Stop sign in your head, with its octagonal red and white design (a design that will differ slightly from country to country) and be relatively sure that every Stop sign you see in your day will be in that exact same style. The same can be said for Warning signs, Hazardous Materials signs, and practically any other type of sign meant to warn of potential dangers or remind people of their safety obligations. There are several reasons for that.

For one Australia has laws in place to ensure that all warning signs utilise consistent designs: AS 1319:1994

The stipulations for workplace safety signs include:

  • Approved graphics and iconography
  • Approved layouts & use of formatting
  • Colouring and design elements
  • The size of signs
  • And more…

As you would expect, these stipulations exist to ensure that signage remains iconic and can be understood at a glance no matter where you are. With that said, however, while stainless steel laser-cut signs are often used in workplaces and as warning markers, that’s by no means their only function.

Other Uses of Stainless Steel Laser Cut Signs

Although stainless steel laser-cut signs may primarily be known for wayfinding, identification/information & warnings, they have a variety of less dry uses as well, especially in the world of advertising. You can find steel signs all over stores for branding and displays, and smaller variants are even used for labels and informational tags in some cases.

Steel is associated with strength, durability, and the industry, making these uses of the material very popular with workwear brands and designers that are looking to evoke feelings of raw, brute strength in their products. However, they can also be used to create a sleek, clinical atmosphere that is very popular with a number of more modern designs and stores.

Why Use Stainless Steel For Your Laser Cut Signs?

Stainless steel is perfect for the laser marking process as it produces extremely robust signage, especially in a 316 grade stainless for harsh environments, though 304 is also very popular. Markings are abrasion resistant, heat resistant, solvent and acid resistant, and they just happen to look great too.

As a sturdy, durable metal, you can be sure that your sign will be around for a long time. With that in mind, stainless steel is not recommended where electrical hazards are a concern, as the metal is a good conductor and could therefore pose additional risks.


So, now that you’ve gotten a quick introduction to the world of stainless steel laser-cut signs, are you ready to take on your own project? At Vector & Raster, we have been providing laser cut metal and laser engraving services for the better part of two decades. You can click here to start your journey and request a quick, free quote, and stay up-to-date with our blog for more news, info and insights into the world of all-things laser cutting.

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