engraving labels for industrial applications

Anybody who’s ever worked in a warehouse, a factory, or any other kind of industrial plant, knows just how vital having sturdy signage and labels or name plates can be for ensuring on-site safety. That’s why our laser engraving specialists here at Vector & Raster don’t take any label production project lightly, especially when engraving labels for industrial applications. Having informative signs and labels installed on and alongside machinery and equipment can help ensure that all this specialised machinery is used safely and correctly, reducing not only the risks of injury to staff but also the risks of experiencing a costly accident that disrupts your business in a major way.

Alongside producing laser engraved signs, our specialists are also highly experienced in producing labels for various applications or purposes, spanning from classrooms to hospitals, and even labels that are just for personal use. But one of our favourite projects is producing labels for industrial environments.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most recent projects that saw us producing laser engraved labels for an industrial client. We’ll also be answering some questions that you may have about the process of producing laser engraved labels, including how we select our materials and how we ensure that your laser-engraved labels stay scratch-resistant and legible over their extensive usable lifespan.

engraving labels for industrial applications

The benefits of engraving labels for industrial applications

Although we’ve already touched upon some of the primary benefits of producing laser-engraved labels for industrial environments, we’ve actually only just skimmed the surface. Laser engraved labels have been proven to be far more durable than printed paper labels. Whilst the ink is prone to rubbing or smudging on paper labels, engraving text directly onto solid materials has been proven time and time again to make for a stronger, more durable label.

It’s this added durability that makes laser engraved labels a staple of many different industrial environments, spanning from the healthcare sector to manufacturing and fabrication. But of course, when producing engraved labels for specialised environments, laser engravers will need to consider what materials will be best suited for that particular laser engraving project. More on that below!

Best materials for producing laser engraved labels for industrial applications

So what are the best materials for producing laser engraved labels? Well as we mentioned, it depends on where you’re looking to use your labels. If you’re looking for professional-looking metallic labels, then you could opt to use metals like stainless steel or aluminium

Here are just some of the other materials that can be used for engraving labels for industrial applications:

  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Acrylic and other plastics

If you want to produce labels that have a durable, matte finish (and are readable from a range of different angles), then you could also benefit from using plastics like traffolyte. We’ve actually spoken extensively about the benefits of working with traffolyte for labels in some of our previous blogs, but let us give you a quick refresher on just what makes this particular plastic one of the best laser engraving materials available today.

Traffolyte is constructed using multiple layers of phenolic plastic sheets. These sheets can be different colours, which effectively means that when you engrave on traffolyte, you can actually produce labels where the text is a completely different colour to the face. For instance, if your company’s brand colours are red and black, you can produce laser engraved traffolyte labels that boast black text on a red background.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of traffolyte, however, as this plastic is also renowned for its durability and scratch-resistant construction, meaning that your traffolyte engraved labels can look and perform at their best in the harshest environments. Which brings us to today’s project overview.

Our latest laser engraving project

One of our clients approached us about producing a collection of laser-engraved labels that were to be cut to very specific dimensions. These labels would be positioned on pendant controls that were being used to mechanically handle heavy machinery in their industrial workspace.

Naturally, our client wanted to make sure that the labels could be laser cut so that the holes matched up with the circular buttons on the pendant switch. It was also important that the labels themselves would be produced using sturdy, corrosion-resistant materials that were still easily legible – even in light glares.

As our laser engraving specialists have produced engraved labels that were required to fit these standards in the past, we were able to select traffolyte as the perfect material almost immediately. Alongside being UV-resistant, traffolyte is also resistant to corrosive chemical elements that are commonly found in industrial settings, like acids and solvents. This makes traffolyte the best choice for engraving labels for industrial applications.

We got to work developing the designs for our client’s labels, selecting the right traffolyte sheets, and then processing them at our laser engraving facility. Once all the labels had been produced, we sent them along to our client, who then shared the finished results with us. 

As you can imagine, our clients were very satisfied with the results of this project! The high-contrast design of these labels will ensure that they can be easily read by staff members operating heavy machinery in our client’s workspace. And given that the labels have been produced using traffolyte, our client can expect to utilise these valuable products for years if not decades to come.

Why work with Vector & Raster for your next laser engraving project?

A family-owned business with over 20 years of experience producing laser engraved products to unwaveringly high standards, Vector & Raster is the first point of contact for dozens of Melbourne-based enterprises and organisations that are looking to secure engraved labels for industrial purposes. Alongside producing plastic labels, our specialists are also equipped to create metal and even wooden labels that fit your requirements to a tee, when it comes to engraving labels for industrial applications, we got you covered.

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