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If you’re an engineer, a mechanic, or have ever even just worked with heavy machinery such as custom silicone gaskets or complicated technological systems and equipment, then chances are you’ve developed an appreciation for the art of custom gasket production. Also commonly referred to as washers or ‘o’ rings, gaskets are an integral component of virtually all modern equipment and machinery that consist of many different moving parts. 

Everything from manufacturing machines to your family car is fitted with specially designed gaskets, just to ensure that there’s no leakage or grinding occurring between two different mechanical components whenever a machine or piece of equipment is being used.

As these unique components play such a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of mechanical equipment, designing gaskets naturally requires an eye for precision, which is precisely why laser cutting is one of the most common processes used for producing custom gaskets. Not only do you need to make sure that your gaskets are perfectly developed to fit between two mechanical components, but you also need to consider what materials are most suitable to use in the construction of your gaskets.

But why do your materials matter when making laser cut gaskets? Our gasket gurus at Vector & Raster will be answering this question today by using our latest custom silicone gaskets project as a prime example of gasket production done well. 

The benefits of custom silicone gaskets

So stick with us as we jump into the hidden world of gaskets and their unique relationship with laser technology. In this blog, we will be discussing:

custom silicone gaskets

What are custom silicone gaskets used for?

As gaskets are generally required to form a static seal between two mechanical joints even while under compression, a lot of materials that are commonly used for gasket production tend to be malleable or deformable whilst still maintaining their integrity. That’s what makes springy silicone such a perfect material for gasket production. But there are other types of materials that are commonly used to produce custom gaskets. These include:

  • Paper
  • Cork
  • Neoprene
  • Rubber
  • Felt
  • Synthetic Fibre
  • Mylar and other plastics

So what sets silicone apart from these other gasket materials? Well, a few notable qualities, actually. For starters, silicone is an inherently hydrophobic substance, which means that custom silicone gaskets are particularly effective at trapping water or other liquids between two mechanical components, reducing the risks of experiencing leakage during mechanical activity.

Silicone is also effective at withstanding intense pressure or compression. And to top it all off, silicone is also well-known for its excellent temperature performance, with the material being able to withstand temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Celsius to a whopping 230 degrees Celsius. All of these unique attributes contribute to why many custom silicone gaskets produced here at Vector & Raster are actually used in heavy machinery across a range of different industries, spanning from construction and fabrication all the way through to food services.

The benefits of securing custom-made silicone gaskets

Now, let’s have a closer look at some of the myriad benefits of securing custom-made silicone gaskets for your machinery or equipment. Although the custom silicone gasket pictured above looks pretty large, you may not be all that surprised to hear that some gaskets are actually pretty tiny. In fact, some of the custom silicone gaskets we produce here at Vector & Raster can measure up to less than half an inch long from end to end. And there are plenty of custom silicone gaskets produced that end up much larger than this too, as these gaskets are created to fit machinery.

The smaller or more intricate the equipment you’re looking to secure gaskets for, the more intricate you can expect your finished silicone gaskets to be. That in a nutshell, is why so many engineers and mechanics opt to order custom silicone gaskets rather than trying their luck looking for generic washers at their local parts store. Producing custom silicone gaskets for your equipment is essentially the best way to ensure an adequate fit and thus optimal performance.

Our latest custom silicone gasket production project

And that brings us to our latest custom silicone gasket production job! Honestly, there’s not too much to write home about, especially considering creating custom silicone gaskets is basically a staple of our everyday output here at Vector & Raster. All that can be said is that a regular client approached us with new dimensions for some custom-made silicone gaskets. 

The silicone gaskets in question were to be used in a factory setting that provided food packaging services. Because of this, the custom-made gaskets needed to be food-safe. As silicone doesn’t produce hazardous fumes nor does silicone rubber react when exposed to heat, custom silicone gaskets are commonly used for machinery and equipment that are utilised in food packaging and production industries.

The final results of this recent custom silicone gasket project turned out perfectly, as you can see. Our laser cutting specialists were able to create custom silicone gaskets with even dimensions and smooth, clean edges to ensure exceptional performance and durability.

Why work with Vector & Raster for producing custom silicone gaskets?

Our laser cutting specialists work with silicone fairly often across a range of different laser cutting projects over the past twenty years. In fact, Vector & Raster supply and cut 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and even 3mm thick silicone directly in our warehouse. These high-quality silicone sheets can be used for a range of different applications, including in the production of seals, liners, mats, and of course, for producing custom silicone gaskets of varying sizes and thicknesses.

Our silicone sheets supplied here at Vector & Raster are also FDA approved, which means that they can be used around food and beverages, for medical applications, and within a myriad of other contexts across the hospitality and healthcare sectors on top of manufacturing and fabrication. And best of all, our silicone sheets are also WRAS approved so they are also suitable to use for potable water sealing.

Want to see what our laser cutting technicians at Vector & Raster can do for you when it comes to producing custom silicone gaskets? Then contact our team today to receive a no-obligation quote on your next gasket production project today.

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