Mylar Plastic

Mylar plastic is a very durable plastic film which has many uses, in many different applications and industries. As a material, it is solvent proof, tear resistant, flexible, and easy to work with, which makes it a popular choice among consumers. Essentially a thin plastic film, Mylar plastic has a range of different applications across a range of industries, from food/drink to books and home/garden wares. With such a great tensile strength and supreme durability when compared to other types of film, such as cellophane, Mylar plastic is ideal for reusable products as its flexibility and easy cleaning features ensure it can be used time and time again. At VR-Laser Services, one of the most common applications for Mylar plastic is for reusable plastic stencils and allows for very sharp detail of text and graphics, but we’re also able to;

  • Cut spacers, shims, insulators, templates and many other parts out of this material.
  • Laser etch logos and branding details for retail products, including product numbers/codes, registration marks and guides, plus more.

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