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Stencil art is everywhere in Melbourne. From the controversial street art scene to a pattern on your morning coffee. Globally, it always has been. From the development of screen printing to ancient cave paintings, stencil art has existed and endures throughout human history in many varying mediums.

While the association is often placed in the realms of graffiti, stencil art requires intense imagination and lateral thinking. It is more complex and challenging than given credit because the stencil itself is a negative and the inverse of the finished result.

It’s what’s inside that counts

applying stencil art
Stencils require an artist or graphic designer to draw inverted imagery. The more intricate the design, the more creatively one must place “bridges”.

Bridges are sections of the stencil that attach to “islands” on non-cut areas. Islands are what will become the negative space, and the bridges hold the stencil together and keep the uniformity of the design. A stencil is an image that literally defines negative space, and the better the artist, the more cleverly they can position these bridges.

The difficulty with stencils

Traditionally, when the stencil is drawn up, it would need to be cut by hand (often using a Stanley knife). Again, the more complex the design, the more surgical precision that is required. For artists and designers alike, this is a test in patience, because one mistake can destroy the stencil. Often the laborious nature leads to a sacrifice in the design complexity. A simpler stencil. The less intricate it is, the less work in cutting it out.

Stencils in the modern age: Laser cut solutions

using mylar plastic stencils
Like all mediums, stencil art is helped along by the development of technology. Lasers can now cut stencils with machine accuracy meaning that artists can be more creative with their designs. At Vector and Raster laser services we have been doing just that. Creating custom stencils on an extensive range of materials with extreme levels of detail and precision.

We hope to inspire the next generation to think differently. To use their creativity to invert expectations. With the limitations on stencil art removed, the possibilities are the limits of the human imagination.

Bring your vision to life

Do you have an idea or imagery you want to turn into a custom-made stencil? From large scale wall murals to cake decorations, we’ve got all your laser cutting solutions covered. Get in touch with us at Vector and Raster laser services today – info@vr-laser.com.au

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