laser cut fabric face masks

2020 has been a difficult, unprecedented year for people across the globe, and with restrictions still in place in some form or another for the foreseeable future, COVID-19 face masks have become a basic day-to-day necessity. Because of this, we at Vector & Raster have been inundated with requests for laser cut face masks and other laser cut fabric face coverings by businesses across the country.

As a team of experienced laser cutting specialists who have created thousands of laser cut fabric face masks, we are certainly up to the challenge. With that said, let’s take a look at what goes into creating the perfect laser cut face mask.


Naturally, as an item that needs to shield your face to work optimally, the size of a face mask will partially dictate its effectiveness. So, as a business, it’s important to ensure that you have different sizes available to suit people of different ages and statures, as this will provide the highest level of protection.

Over the past few months, we have been approached by dozens of face mask manufacturers to provide them with bulk orders of laser cut fabric in a wide array of styles. To make sure that these suppliers have the variety they need, our laser cut mask panels are neatly packed in pairs, in their different sizes, prints and styles, ready for the makers to put them together and apply the finishing touches.

laser cut face masks


When judging a face mask’s effectiveness, you’re judging how many droplets produced by talking/coughing/sneezing can make it through your facial covering. These droplets are often how a disease is spread, so if you can successfully ensure that a minimal number of droplets get through, whilst still allowing the wearer to breathe with relative ease and comfort, you can drastically decrease any transmission risk to both yourself and others.

This is one of the main reasons that laser cut fabric is ideal for face masks. With the high level of precision that laser cutting offers in its detailing, you can achieve practically perfect coverage with far less of a chance of fraying or other damage that may compromise the mask. As always, our focus is on achieving the best laser cut edge possible, as is the case with all laser cut fabric jobs, whether they be high-end fashion or affordable safety wear.


With face masks now becoming a requirement for many people, as well as a precautionary preference for many more, the call for aesthetically-pleasing facial coverings has drastically increased in recent times. Reusable COVID-19 masks have, in response, begun to expand in regard to the number of styles commonly available.

This uptake in fashionable mask options has been prevalent in our order requests. Suppliers are trying to keep up with a massively increased demand for masks in a wide array of styles and designs, and this has made laser cut fabric COVID-19 masks the ideal option. This is due to the speed and efficiency offered by laser cut face masks when compared with other manufacturing options. We offer our customers a fast, effective turnaround no matter how big the order is. This allows manufacturers to always have the materials they need to provide masks to the public.


The current global pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time, and our hearts and thoughts go out to those who have been impacted either directly or indirectly by the situation. If you are a manufacturer and require reliably high-quality laser cutting services, contact one of our specialists today, or click here to get a free quote.

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