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At Vector & Raster Laser Services, we love to get behind a great cause, especially when we feel like we can be of real help to the success of a fundraising event or occasion. One such recent special event that we were thrilled to get behind was the Mother’s Day Classic in Melbourne. The Mother’s Day Classic is an annually held national fun run/walk that’s the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s largest fundraising drive of the year. We were extremely delighted that we could be a part of such a fantastic event, and once we heard reports of how the stencils we provided made things easier and were a success at all the other events across the country, it truly was smiles all round!

How We Came to Work with the National Breast Cancer Foundation

So how did we come to join forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation? The organisation initially got in touch with us to provide them with a quote on laser cut stencils that they could use for face painting stalls at the Mother’s Day Classic event. As they were for such a great cause, we happily donated more than 300 stencils that they could use across all capital cities and in many regional centres as well.The previous year, a handful of stencils were hand cut for only two of the Sydney events, and they proved to be incredibly successful and popular (for a gold coin donation). This year, the organisers wanted to produce a larger run so that they could supply the stencils to regional events beyond the capital cities.

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What Did We Do for the Event?

Vector & Raster Laser Services produced artwork for two stencil designs for the event – there was the Mother’s Day Classic flower and the Pink Ribbon, which has become synonymous with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Once we acquired the designs from the MDCF, we got to work designing and making stencils using one of our stocked plastic stencil films. We chose this particular film as we knew it would be best suited for face painting via sponge application. As you can see from the pictures, the stencils worked an absolute treat!

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We were honoured to work with the Mother’s Day Classic Foundation in 2016. If you’d like further information or wish to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, you can do so here:

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