Traffolyte Plastic Labels

Obviously, we know why you clicked onto this article; what could be more exciting than traffolyte plastic labels? While not necessarily the most well-known material by name, traffolyte is used across a wide array of industries and utilities. If you’ve ever worked with heavy machinery or have stumbled across a rather concerning “High Voltage” sign, chances are you have interacted with traffolyte in some way, shape, or form. With that said, it has a variety of uses that are outside the realm of telling you what will or will not harm you, and we’re here to talk about a few of those uses today!

At Vector & Raster, we have created an innumerable amount of labels and signage for businesses and individuals across Australia. So, to take a quick peek at what we’re capable of, let’s dive into some engraving end results!

Taking the Plunge

As mentioned earlier, not all traffolyte labels are designed as warnings. As can be seen with this project, these plastic labels can be created to be used as badges, tags, POS displays, tokens, menus and branding, as well as being utilised for craft applications and shop fit-outs. Traffolyte is durable and doesn’t break easily, meaning that the details and etching stay sharp and legible for much longer than its more flimsy counterparts. So, if you need someone to still be able to read a badge years down the line, traffolyte is an excellent go-to material.

Before we start getting too deep into the wonder and whimsy of plastic labels (which we definitely could, don’t get me wrong), let’s take a look at what went into this eye-catching plastic piece!

The Process

Traffolyte is extremely versatile and durable, making it the perfect material for intricate or peculiar shapes, such as is the case with this speech bubble-shaped label. These plastic labels were engraved and cut out of 1.6mm red on white traffolyte plastic. This colour contrast, coupled with the very clean laser engraved letters, ensured that each plastic label was easily legible.

To ensure that these plastic labels stayed in place during use, each label included a quality 3M adhesive backing, which allowed for simple installation – Just peel and stick! With that said, labels can also be supplied without this adhesive, if you plan on securing them to a surface with glue, screws, rivets, etc.

The Benefits of Traffolyte Plastic Labels

Just in case we haven’t gotten you excited enough about the wide world of options available through traffolyte, here are just a few more boons available to you:

  • Traffolyte is a fantastic alternative to metal labels when conductivity is a concern. This is why they are commonly used in heavy machinery, cable management, and high voltage areas.

  • On the note of high voltage areas, you want to make sure that people are going to be able to read your “Danger: HIGH VOLTAGE” sign for quite some time. Traffolyte retains colours incredibly well, ensuring that you aren’t going to have any accidents due to a faded sign. It is also quite resistant to acids and chemicals which, if you’re in an area where that’s a concern, is definitely a huge relief.

  • This material is also very cost effective when compared to comparable metal labels. So, if you have a large job that requires a lot of laser cut labels, there’s nothing better.

  • Stepping away from utility, these tags are just very attractive and eye-catching. For those businesses that are looking to make a collection of trinkets or keepsakes, using traffolyte labels is the  perfect, beautiful option.

So, there you have it! We at Vector & Raster have worked on thousands of laser cutting and etching jobs across practically all of Australia’s many industries. In that time, we have had the chance to become experts in handling a wide array of materials, which is why we know just how fantastically versatile this material can be. To learn more, or to start plunging into your next big project, request a free quote, or contact the professionals at Vector & Raster today!

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