what can you do with a wood laser cutter?

It’s no secret that wood laser cutting projects are amongst some of our absolute favourites here at Vector & Raster. For starters, the contrast, or ‘rustic’ finish on the cut edge that’s produced by the wood laser cutting process offers the unique opportunity to create two-toned laser cut and engraved designs. But what can you do with a wood laser cutter?

Laser cutting wood is also quite distinct from cutting paper or fabrics, as even composite wood materials like plywood or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) offer a level of strength and solidity that greatly widen the potential applications of wooden laser cuttings. In other words, you can really use laser cut wood for countless purposes, spanning from creative projects to commercial branding.

Today, our resident laser cutting specialists will be celebrating some of the more creative applications of wood laser cutting. Read on if you’d like to learn more about how wood laser cutting can make your wildest dreams spring to three-dimensional life!

What Can You Do With A Wood Laser Cutter?

  1. Create intricate designs
  2. Countless applications
  3. Our custom project

What can you do with a wood laser cutter? Create intricate designs

Although these intricate wood cuttings are mesmerising to look at, rest assured the process of producing these particular cuttings is actually not at all dissimilar to the process we use when working with acrylic or even for embroidery applique cutting. All our laser cutting specialists need is a design as well as the material for processing. From there, our laser cutting machine can make quick work out of creating highly intricate laser cuttings in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that although wood materials like MDF and plywood are sturdy enough to work with, your designs still need to leave enough wood material to ensure that your finished product can maintain its structural integrity. Cut areas that are too fine can lead to easy breakage, with the risks of this increasing even further if your wood material is also on the thinner side.

What can you do with a wood laser cutter? Countless applications!

If you’ve ever completed any of those model assembly kits that come with wooden sheets of build pieces that you need to pop out, then you’ve probably already got a vague understanding of the many different purposes that laser cut wood can have. There are countless creative applications that can easily take full advantage of the sturdy build and high-quality finish of laser cut wood.

Creating 3D models and figurines is one such purpose, as is creating three-dimensional road maps, which is precisely what we set out to do with this particular project, though more on this later. Laser cut wood can also be used for the production of homewares and additional crafts supplies, like baskets or embroidery hoop frames.

Laser cut wood can even be utilised by the fashion industry or by independent designers. If you’ve ever owned a pair of intricately detailed wooden earrings, our cutting and engraving specialists can all but guarantee that they were made in a laser cutting studio just like ours.

Other materials suitable for intricate laser cutting:

Thanks to our winning combination of knowledge and quality machinery, we are able to provide highly detailed, intricate laser cut pieces on a wide range of materials. Some of our most popular laser cutting materials include:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Acrylic and other plastics
  • Fibres and cloth fabrics
  • Rubber and silicon
  • Metals (i.e. stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • Cork
  • Hardwood, softwood, and wood composites

Virtually all of these materials are also accompanied by their own unique purposes. For instance, laser cutting plastics can be a great method for creating easy-to-use plastic stencils for visual artists. The same can be said for laser cut metals, although these unique materials can also be a great, low-cost alternative to neon signage. With a laser cut sign for your business, all you really need is an LED light behind the cut text and imagery to create ‘bat signal’-esque signage for your brand.

What can you do with a wood laser cutter? Our custom wood laser cutting project

Now let’s take a closer look at one of our wood laser cutting projects. This particular client sought to produce high-quality wood laser cut three-dimensional maps that showcase the streets and railway lines running through selected suburbs. The intricate nature of the provided design left no room for error, which was naturally an exciting yet still breezy challenge for our laser cutting pros here at Vector & Raster.

what can you do with a wood laser cutter?

As you can see, the end results of this wood laser cutting project provided everything that the client asked for, from the uniform geometric design and right down to the high-quality cut finish that makes laser cut MDF and other wood materials pop, which differs to laser cut paper and fabric. The contrasting finish provided a dimensionality to the final wood map design that simply cannot be recreated in two-dimensional street maps.

Many of our first-time clients here at Vector & Raster are often initially concerned about the risks of excessive charring or even staining on their laser cut pieces. In fact, these concerns surrounding the uniformity of end products actually deter many businesses and brand managers from considering wood laser cutting as a method for producing high-quality branded goods. But as you can see from the end product of this particular custom wood laser cutting project, the actual risks of experiencing charring and staining are pretty minimal. Rest assured, the risks grow even more minuscule when you’re working with a team of laser cutting specialists that’s as experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate as our crew here at Vector & Raster.

Why work with Vector & Raster for your next laser cutting project?

Our laser cutting services here at Vector & Raster are also often coupled with our quality laser engraving services, providing high-quality finished products that boast sharp, clean cuts as well as crisp, detailed text, logos, images, and other design elements. Simply put, if you’re looking to bring your company branding to the next level, consulting with us on a wood laser cutting project is likely to be a great first step.

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