laser cut acrylic mickey mouse

As one of the leading providers of laser cutting in Melbourne, Vector & Raster have offered our services to industries ranging from fashion to manufacturing. However, while it’s all well and good to say that, the proof is in the exceptional work that we have completed for our clients. Over the years, we have performed thousands of laser cutting jobs. Today, we’re going to look at just a handful of these projects and, hopefully, give you a little bit of inspiration.

Laser Cut Acrylic – Mickey Mouse

laser cut acrylic mickey mouse

It’s easy to see why laser cutting has become such an in-demand service for those looking to create stunningly eye-catching displays. The high level of detail and consistency across various pieces, regardless of your chosen material, means that you are able to turn your vision into beautiful pieces of art; all without having to worry about imperfections due to human error.

This specificity and quality is what led to The Space Agency commissioning us to laser cut hundreds of large Mickey Mouse ornaments out of 3mm gold mirror acrylic. This project, a collaboration between Emporium Melbourne and The Walt Disney Company, was developed as a way for the Emporium to add something a little unique to their Christmas celebrations. So, given that thousands of shoppers were going to be admiring our handiwork over the festive period, we knew that it had to be truly special.

As you can see, we succeeded; delivering a truly breathtaking display that delighted shoppers throughout the months of November and December. Luckily, this wasn’t our first time working within the advertising world. We regularly perform laser cutting for Melbourne’s most well-known advertising agencies and signage companies to create stunning displays just like this one. Plus, with orders this large (and sometimes much larger) being performed on a relatively frequent basis, our machines are always up to the task.

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Laser Cut Silk – Flounces

wedding gown - laser cut frills

As a leading provider of laser cutting in Melbourne, Vector & Raster is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of detail and quality is put into each of our projects. With that said, however, sometimes a project will truly require us to take that next step in providing a flawless service. This is certainly the case when it comes to Vincenzo Pintaudi Couture; one of Australia’s most highly-regarded bridal couturiers.

Based in Armadale, Vincenzo Pintaudi has been working with brides and celebrities across the globe for the past 20 years. This obviously means that, when it comes to the quality of his fabrics, there is an exceptionally high standard to overcome. Due to our reputation as one of the best providers of laser cutting in Melbourne, Vincenzo has been coming to us for his laser cut silk needs for almost a decade.

Regardless of how much experience you have, cutting light coloured silk fabric is going to be a tough job. This is due to the fact that is both very delicate, meaning that the risk of burning and discolouration can be difficult to avoid, and transparent, meaning that any blemishes are highly visible, even if they are on the backside of the fabric. However, whilst many laser cutting providers struggle to keep one side clean and free from burns, Vector & Raster have near-perfected the art of avoiding blemishes and burns on both sides of the silk.

Our high level of experience and understanding when it comes to laser cutting in Melbourne, coupled with the hardware and technology to back up this knowledge, means that we can provide higher quality than the vast majority of local laser cutting providers. We also offer large cutting beds, meaning that we can take on larger scale projects than most other laser cutters in Melbourne.

Laser Cut 7mm Plywood

laser cut plywood

Finally, we have Sonia Lyne of Dandelyne; an Australian company that is known worldwide for their innovative take on the traditional embroidery hoop. Located in Eltham, VIC, we have been cutting her wooden hoops for many years now; a product which is stocked globally. Like our laser cut silk work, this project requires a clean surface on both sides whilst also avoiding charring and discolouration.

As you can imagine, this is no easy feat. Unfortunately, it’s rare for laser cutters to complete small, fiddly projects like this without some issues with discolouration or burns. The final product in this project also comprises of multiple parts, with varying thicknesses and materials, which further adds to the versatility and understanding needed to succeed.

We understand that the quality of our laser cutting work reflects on both Vector & Raster and Dandelyne. That’s why, over the past several years, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that each embroidery hoop exceeds expectations in regard to quality and style.

Experienced Laser Cutting in Melbourne

As you can see, Vector & Raster has experience in a wide array of industries and professions. If you find yourself in need of laser cutting in Melbourne, contact us today! We ensure the same level of unmatched laser cutting quality regardless of the size of your project.

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