Powder Coating Laser Cutting/Engraving

Powder coating is an extremely hard-wearing coating that is applied to metal materials in a powder form via an electrostatic charge. Following application of powder coating, these metals are then baked or cured in a curing oven to ensure that powder coated metals maintain a solid coating and great structural integrity.

Our laser powder coat process

Using ESD (‘electrostatic spray deposition’) application processes, powder coated metals produce minimal waste when compared to other treatment and even painting methods. As powder coating uses dry powder that can be applied in a free-flowing motion without a liquid carrier, the powder coating process is also able to produce thicker coatings without the risk of running or sagging. This promotes a variety of production benefits when compared to untreated metals. Both the minimal waste production and the increased durability of powder coated metals, makes powder coating a sustainable alternative to working with untreated metal materials.

Because of the unique powder coating process, powder coated metals also generally offer a nice smooth and sleek finish that is free of runs and boasts exceptional durability. This is what makes it so easy to laser engrave powder coated metals. As powder coated metals are in demand for a wide range of different laser powder coat projects, we make it our mission to consistently stock a diverse selection of laser powder coat metal materials here at Vector & Raster Laser Services.

Our laser engraving powder coat metals

At Vector & Raster Laser Services, we provide etching and laser powder coat as a material finish. This supports our ability to provide very sharp and crisp etchings which reveal a clean metal surface without being affected by heat or showing residual staining around the engraving. With our high-powered engraving machines, our laser engraving specialists are able to provide a top-quality powder-coated laser etching service, and all at the most competitive prices.

Powder coating as a surface finish is most suitable for:

  • Car and motorbike parts and accessories
  • Signage and displays
  • Labels and tags

If you’re interested in securing some of our laser powder coat metals for your next laser engraving project, then enquire with our Vector & Raster Laser team today.

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