Anodised Aluminium Laser Cutting/Engraving Material

Anodised aluminium shares very similar properties to regular aluminium, but is manufactured differently since chemical baths are used in order to prepare the surface of the material to harness an electrical charge. In doing so, this creates an oxide layer which makes the aluminium more robust and durable – as well as reducing the chance of corrosion.

Anodised aluminium is very popular and is commonly used in automotive parts and accessories, electronic device housings, as well as labels and compliance tags, control panels and cover plates, asset and valve tags, badges, decals and much more. At VR-Laser Services, we laser etch anodised aluminium on a regular basis for many clients including; government departments, machinery manufacturers and engineering companies,  promotional agencies, schools and councils, audio visual and signage companies and much more.

We use anodised aluminium for a number of reasons, including:

  • The ability to laser etch text, images, patterns and more.
  • The ability to achieve very fine detail and text.
  • Its high durability, which means that laser etching is permanent and cannot be rubbed off.

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